Privacy Policy

By using our website, you automatically agree to terms laid out in the following Cookie & Privacy policy.
Last Updated: October 23, 2022.

Protecting Our User’s Privacy


When it comes to the data that we collect while using our website, we will do our utmost to respect your privacy. With this in mind, we have created our cookie and privacy policy so that you can better understand how we gather, disclose, communicate and otherwise utilize your personal information. Our policies are laid out clearly below.


When site visitors use our website, we retain logs, chat session IP addresses and timestamps of any conversations that are conducted on our platform for reasons of law enforcement and moderation. 

You must understand that whatever you express while on our platform is delivered to other people and users can decide to save public chat logs held on our servers, which are able to be shared with anyone. For this reason, it’s important to be cautious when disclosing information with people you don’t know.


When visiting our website, your web browser’s standard data may be logged automatically by our servers. This may include the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, the pages you view, the version and type of your web browser, how long you spent on each page, the precise time of your visit and more. 


Our website employs cookies in order to save your app/website preferences, which includes, but is not restricted to any particular keywords typed using the ‘Interest’ section. Furthermore, a randomized cookie ID is assigned to your computer so that users are able to chat together.


3rd party advertising companies like Google AdMob, Mopub and Leadbolt employ cookies to track data relating to the pages visited in order that they may display the most relevant ads. If this is occurring, it is possible to opt-out of this tracking - the details of which lie with the company in question.


Google Analytics are used by our website to keep track of statistical data relating to site usage, with all of this information being of a type that cannot be used to personally identify anyone. Google offers an add-on for your web browser that can be used to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics.


Legal Reasons for Processing


Your personal data is processed in a fair, transparent and lawful way. We only gather and process this data when there is a legal reason for it. These reasons will depend on which of our services are used and how they are used, meaning that we only gather and process your information when:


  • It’s required as part of the performance of a contract you may be involved with or when taking measures as per requests made before any contract of this type is entered into e.g. when you send us a service request.
  • It serves a valid interest (when not negated by your need for data protection) such as to advertise our services, research & development or to safeguard our legal interests and rights.
  • Consent is provided to us by you for a particular reason e.g. when you agree to allow us to send you a newsletter.
  • A legal obligation exists to process your information that must be complied with.
  • When you provide consent to us to use your data for a particular purpose.


When providing us with consent to use your data for a specific reason, you have a right to rescind it, however this will not affect any data that has already been processed.


We never retain your personal data for any longer than is absolutely necessary and while it is in our possession, we will protect your data against theft, loss, copying, use, access, modification or disclosure by all means deemed to be commercially acceptable.


However, we must advise you of the fact that no electronic storage methods are completely secure and as such, we are not able to guarantee security of this data absolutely. If required, your personal data may be retained when we need to comply with a legal obligation or to safeguard the vital interests of you or anyone using our website or app. 


Data Collection & Use


There may be occasions where we gather, retain, utilize and disclose data for the reasons detailed below, with your personal data never being processed in a way that does not fall in line with these purposes. It would only occur:


  • To facilitate your personalization or customize the experience you have on our website.
  • To aid you in accessing our website or associated social media platforms and/or applications.
  • To make contact with or otherwise communicate with you.
  • When administrative and record-keeping purposes require it.
  • For reasons pertaining to market research, analytics, business development or to improve or enhance our website or any associated applications or social media platforms.
  • To provide additional user advantages or in the running of competitions.
  • In order to market or advertise to you, to include the sending of product promotions & services regarding 3rd party companies that we feel may interest you.
  • In the disclosure of personal data to 3rd party companies.
  • In order to facilitate compliance with any legal obligations we may have or to settle any disputes
  • To consider or process any applications for employment.


In order to analyze your log data, it is shared with 3rd party companies, as mentioned in the list above. Further to this, we may also share analytics and log data in order to respond to a search warrant, subpoena or other requests for information deemed as lawful or to comply with applicable regulations and laws or to safeguard our rights.


International Personal Data Transfers


The personal data we gather is both stored & processed within the United States, apart from those occasions when it’s carried out at facilities run and maintained by us, our affiliates, our partners or by 3rd party providers. When providing your personal data to us, you expressly consent to the disclosure of said data with these international 3rd parties.


We will take all appropriate measures and safeguards when transferring this personal data from EEA (European Economic Area) countries to those outside of the EEA e.g. through the use of standard EC-approved data protection clauses, binding corporate regulations or other means deemed to be legally acceptable. 


When personal data is transferred between a non-EEA nation to another, you hereby acknowledge that there may not be similar data protection regulations governing 3rd party bodies residing in other jurisdictions to those in ours. Therefore, risks may exist, such as if any of these 3rd parties were to violate our jurisdiction’s data privacy laws, leading to you not being able to seek out redress as per laws in our jurisdiction.


Managing Your Personal Data & The Rights of Site Users 


Through the act of using our website, you are acknowledging the fact that you are at least 18 years of age. Upon notification that personal data has been collected from a site user that is under 18, we will implement all reasonable measures to quickly remove it from our records.


We will not knowingly market to or gather information from any user under the age of 18. Should you become aware that this has happened, we urge you to get in contact with us.


3rd Party Data : Should we receive your personal data from a 3rd party, we will safeguard it, as per the guidelines set out here in this privacy policy. In the event that you represent a 3rd party supplying us with data about another individual, you acknowledge that you possess consent from the person to do so. 


Restricting Data : It is your prerogative to restrict the use or collection of your personal data. Even when you’ve previously provided consent for us to use your data for reasons of direct marketing, you have the right to rescind it at any time. In the event that you request us to limit or restrict our processing of your personal data, we will inform you of how this will impact the use of our website, services and products.


Data portability & Access : It is your right to request a copy of any and all data that we hold about you and whenever possible, this will be given in either CSV or other easily-red format. It is also your right to request a full erasure of all held personal data at any time. Furthermore, you may request that it is transferred to another 3rd party.


Data Breach Notification : If any data breach were to occur, we will ensure that all applicable laws are complied with.


Correcting Errors : If you find that any data we hold about you is not entirely accurate, not up-to-date, irrelevant, incomplete or misleading, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Upon receipt of notice, we will do everything we reasonably can to correct and update this information.


Making a Complaint : Should you wish to make a complaint about any violation of any data protection law that you believe we have made, please make contact with comprehensive details of any alleged breach. Upon receipt of your complaint, we will conduct a prompt investigation and send you a written response detailing the outcome and the measures taken to resolve it. It is also your right to contact a data protection authority or regulatory body when pursuing your complaint.


Our Policy Limitations


You may find links on our website to external sites that are not under our purview. Please note that we have no control over said websites and as such, do accept liability or responsibility for any privacy practices that they may operate.


Amendments to This Policy


We reserve the right to make amendments to our privacy and cookie policies in line with our current practices at our discretion. When this occurs, we will take all reasonable steps to inform our users of these changes and by continuing to use our website after these changes are made, you give your acceptance of the updated privacy and personal data practices.


Should we make any major policy changes, like amending the legal basis by which we process your personal data, you will be asked to re-provide your consent to the changes mades


Getting in Touch


Should you have any comments or questions regarding this policy, you can relay them to us and request a response from our DPO (Data Protection Officer).


In the instance that you’re an EEA resident, the ‘data controller’ in charge of your personal data is the domain administrator, who is typically an EEA representative.


It’s possible to contact us with regards to how your information is processed by the data controller. Should you have any comments or questions about these policies, we encourage you to get in touch with us.