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What is Chat Spamming and How to Prevent It

Chat spamming is a nuisance and can be incredibly annoying for those in chat groups or other online messaging systems.

What is chat spamming?

Chat spamming is the process of manually or, more often than not, automated broadcast of messages and media into chat rooms indiscriminately. Spam messages are usually advertising something or pushing users towards a product or service they sell. It can also be used for fraud with the spammer tempting users to click messages or head to websites that will try to scam them, steal their details, or install a virus on their computer.

Why is chat spamming popular?

Spamming is common due to the basic economics involved in using it. Spam advertising is free and the sheer bulk number of messages that can be sent means that even a small response rate will make money.

How do I stop prevent chat spam?

Stopping chat spam altogether is an impossible task, unless you plan on not using the Internet altogether. But there are a few things you can do to reduce its impact:

Report spammers

All online chat rooms and message systems have a way to report bad behaviour. Many will have a “report” button front and centre on messages and user profiles. If you think someone is spamming your chat room, report it. Spamming is generally against the terms and conditions of most chat sites and in most cases will lead to a ban for the spammer. This may not stop them permanently, but it will ease the problem for the time being.

Don’t respond to spam

If you see a spam message in a chat room, ignore it. Don’t reply to the spammer and never interact with anything they are pushing you towards in their messages. Spammers are generally con artists looking to gain money from others through unscrupulous means. Talking to them is a sure-fire way to fall into their web. Going to websites they recommend is at best putting advertising money in their pocket, or at worst giving them the opportunity to scam you.

Use the spam filters on your chat software

Most chat software will come with built in filters to prevent or stop spam messages. How you use these will vary between each one, but the way they work will be similar. Will they stop all spam messages? Absolutely not, but they will allow you to reduce the number that make it through to you.

Hide your personal details

The more details you give a spammer, the more ammunition you are giving them. Keep your personal details such as email address, phone numbers, real name, and home address away from public eyes. If you don’t, you’ll find more spam coming your way from different avenues (email spam etc.) and could leave yourself open to fraud.

In conclusion

Chat spam is not going anywhere soon. Spammers have too much to gain to give up on what they do. Preventing spam is an almost impossible task but if you follow the tips in our guide you will at least reduce its impact on you.

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